UOK Games Store

UOK Games Store:

Featureing RC Models rigged & animated, Torque Models rigged & animated and more.

Grand Opening:

Feb: 1 2010

Current Model Packs:

UOK GamesButterfly Model Pack-Mount

UOK Games Horse Model Pack-Mount

UOK Games Plant 1 Model Pack-Plants

Script Packs:

Skill Template Pack

HP & Manna and Potion Template Pack

and more

Request a model pack & script packs, submit ideas for model packs & script packs, read reviews about model packs and more.


All model packs & script packs our subject to copyright. UOK Games owns all rights to the models and may not be resold with out written permission from all artists, programers and UOK Games. You may use the models and scripts only in your game.

Featured Artists:

Shweta-Private Information

Manny-Private Information

Daud-Private Information

Featured Programers:



Nick-Private Information

Brandyn-Private Information

Victor-Private Information

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Get real feed back from the players and other devolpers using other engines. Share ideas and expand your mind. Buy, sell or trade. Forum gold system in the works for those wishing for more secure trades on forums.


About UOK Games & Store:

The admin asked me to explain what UOK Games is so Ill do my best to explain. We started about 10 years ago as a Tech support for private servers. Mostly serviceing UO or Ultima Online RunUO servers. As we grew, we begain provideing tech support for other private servers like Wow, Runescape etc. Over a period of time, we decided to dev. our own ingames instead of just servicing others.

Thus UOK Games was born. Our first few games were educational based. Then we slowly worked into creation of FPS style games. An presently we our working on a mmorpg. We also create 3d models. Thus what the store is all about. While were we making our mmorpg. We figured it would be a good idea to offer good 3d models at a reseaonable price. So most of your models our low poly highly detailed models. An we sell them most in model packs. This makes it cheaper for the dev. of games. So if you need a 3d model we carry but we dont have that current format you need. Let us know. we can convert models to almost any format you need.

After much work its ready