Up-to-date information for model importing (from Blender)


I'm new to JME and have done some tests on importing my animated models from Blender.

I've tried to find some information in this forum what's the best way to use Blender with JME but I think most information is very old.

Up to now I've tried the Collada Exporter and imported the model. I can see the model in a modified ColladaTest class. But there is no animation.

Does the Blender Collada Exporter support RotLoc Animation of armatures now?

Does the JME Collada Importer support the animation?

What's currently the best combination of Blender, JME and fileformats?

Thanks a lot

From what I have heard in the forums, Collada is only partially supported at the moment, and that includes animations. Your best attempt would be to use an md3, md5 file format instead, since these are the best supported ones.

Good luck and welcome to jME  :slight_smile: