Upcoming front-end website changes

Update: Changes have been completed. The front-end website is now fully HTTPS compliant and updated.

Over the next few days the main website located at https://jmonkeyengine.org is being updated to a better up-to-date website. During this time you may experience strange behaviour whilst nagivating any pages on this domain. I’m confident that any such issues should only last minutes at a time and that this is just an pre-emptive warning.

This will not affect any sub-domain (hub, javadoc, wiki, etc).

This thread will be updated again once the work is completed.

Thank you for your understanding,


yes there is issue, i hope it will be solved quickly. i dont accept it to see when it will be fixed. Because if i see it, then any other person will also see it, so accepting is not a solution. You need fix certificate to one that was earlier there i belive?

I’ve tried it on several devices and remote desktops and it works fine for me. It may just be DNS propogation. This can take up to 24 hours. You can try to flush your local dns cache with ipconfig /flushdns in windows. I’m not sure about other operating systems.

well it work now, but i see old webpage. (so idk if it was backuped or not)

Jay, think professional way, about me as about normal user, normal web user will not flush dns for you :wink:

i will notify you if i will have this issue again.

The website hasn’t been changed yet.

Regarding dns propagation; it’s done automatically periodically without you having to do anything. I just told you how to do it quicker. For anyone else it will just happen normally over the next 24 hours.

The new website should now be available. If you’re extra keen and can’t wait for the cache to refresh, press CTRL+R to refresh the page. This refresh will occur automatically for you over the next few hours regardless.

Our TLD jmonkeyengine.org is now fully HTTPS and sporting a new front-end website!

Note to developers: The old website data still remains in the gh-pages branch and is untouched.


I think we need a showcase on the main page. Someone who would be interested in the engine would probably like to see its capabilities.


I agree. I’m not 100% on how to present it, though. It will be added as soon as I get a good idea.

Some inspiration, if it helps:


Personally I like Unity’s site design the most, but it does require videos for it to pop, which might be a pain on mobile.

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Thanks @grizeldi it definitely helps - I’m not the most artistic of people :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, we also have a blog/news section. If there’s anything people feel like writing about, please do let me know or make a discussion thread.

There are instructions on how to do so here. If you feel like the instructions are unclear or missing a step, let me know and I’ll update the docs.

You can also just copy the template and PM me with the finished article, and I can do the rest.


A suggestion, have random a wiki page for this with a link to it. Maybe weekly, if not daily.

Edit: To make the paragraph, can you copy directly from the wikis’ gh-pages folder by grabbing the first paragaph truncated to a size of whatever makes sense?

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I’ve added a showcase. There is a link on the main homepage. https://jmonkeyengine.org

I will continue to add more games/media. I don’t like the layout of the actual post when you click on a game. I’ll continue to work on it. Anyway, progress is progress. We continue to march on.


Hmm. I do like this idea of sorts… let me think on it.

For Skullstone:

Skullstone – a retro styled grid-based dungeon crawler RPG inspired by the good old titles such as Dungeon Master, Stonekeep, Eye of Beholder and many other classics.

In a few words – a party of mercenaries explore a dungeon. They fight monsters, solve puzzles, find equipment, gather experience and level up while progressing through increasingly difficult levels. And there’s a story behind all that, are you ready to discover the truth behind Skullstone ?

The game’s focused on combat – player will encounter various types of monsters with different combat abilities. They may roam the dungeon all alone or in groups. And they can surprise you in a very nasty way if you’re not cautionous! Evil creatures can perform melee, range and even AoE attack as well as debuff player’s heroes lowering their fighting ability, immobilizing them, poisoning and so on.

When starting the game you are asked to choose four out of twenty pre-defined characters. Each hero begins the game with his own set of skills and abilities.

webpage: http://skullstonegame.com/
video: Skullstone - Official Trailer - YouTube

The game is still under development.


I’ll add it tomorrow for you. I ran out of time today unfortunately :confused:

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I’ve made some changes to the showcase section.

  • Renamed “Browse Media” to “Browse Games & Media”
  • Added a carousel to the “game” page. Much neater I think.
  • Added two more games
    – Skullstone by @FrozenShade
    – Mythruna by @pspeed

I understand that not all games are “published” but are WIPs - and I’ll be accounting for those too in time.

I’ll probably shuffle the list so each game gets it’s position changed with every reload. I think it’s fair on everybody to do that so everybody gets a shot at being top of the list.


Now that I’ve crept a short ways up the blog learning curve, perhaps it would be fun to post on topics other than Minie.

I’m contemplating interviewing one or two Forum regulars, over e-mail, to find out things like:

  • how they got involved with JME,
  • what they like about it,
  • what they’ve gotten out of it,
  • what their current projects are, and
  • where they think JME is headed.

Assuming I get enough usable material, I’ll turn each interview into a blog post.

Would anyone care to be interviewed for the blog?

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Sure. Hit me up.

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Will do.

Absolutely… I’ve a project that’s long overdue for announcement to the jME community.