Update JMPlatform with Gradle plugin

I think it makes sense to add Gradle platform to jmonkeyplatform as all examples are build with it, it will speed up the adoption of this :slight_smile: I lost 2 hours to build examples from jmonkeyplatform, then realized its actually not that difficult if I had this plugin as build system is already in place.
Also might be worth bundling release+examples all together.

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Not sure if I am understanding what you mean, but JME is already using gradle build tools.

Yes, here’s the deal :
When I downloaded the platform and tried to opened project (in the IDE) from the examples, it would work if gradle plugin is available in the platform, but it isn’t.
Of course anyone can download it and then proceed, its a minor neat easy think that can be add to the platform.

Do you mean that the SDK (netbeans) does not automatically have the gradle plugin installed? I guess @Darkchaos is the person to ping.

It doesn’t work: The Gradle Plugin is incompatible with the SDK Ant Project Type so that you loose all the SDK abilities. I’ve tried and even asked on the Mailing List for help but those guys were clueless as well, so in the medium future this won’t be possible unfortunately.

I wonder what kind of examples are in gradle though because the actual jme examples come with the SDK (New JmeTestsProject)