Update on my factory-building game project "Everybody Loves Bricks" (video)

I moved the camera system to a separate lib, so you can re-use it:


It looks very interesting. How will the game mechanics work? What is the objective?

I see you have put some effort in providing the camera system.
You might add them to our software store to get more feedback. It is just two clicks away with such a well prepared repository like yours.

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Thanks, I didn’t know I could submit it myself. I’ve just filled the form now.

The goal of the game will be to build and manage a profitable factory that makes toys, more precisely interlocking building blocks (the most popular manufacturer is located in Denmark, but I’d rather not use their brand name), that will come in all kinds of shapes and colors. The type of machine featured here is an injection molding press, it will require hot molten plastic on the input side.

Regarding mechanics, you won’t control the employees directly. You’d just set the layout and let them work. My main inspiration would be Oxygen Not Included, Satisfactory, Hydroneer and a few others.

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That sounds like a nice concept. I’ve always wondered how this Danish company produces so many blocks :grinning:

I hope to see some more dev vlogs soon.

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