Updated Virtual Farm EduGame

Hi everyone,

A major update to the previously published Virtual Farm educational game has been completed. The game is used by a vocational college in Finland and is freely available at:


To start just click on the left orage button (“Käynnistä virtuaalinavetta”).

The controls are the usual w,a,s,d + space for jumping.

The game is set in a dairy farm. Some items are clickable and contain information (unfortunately only in Finnish), or links to external web content, or shortcuts to other locations. In the new version, the models of animals have been improved and new objects added. Now there are also some simple animations, moving robots etc. New buildings, trees etc. have been added to the surroundings. A small feeding/milk production simulation has also been added. There is also an online editor (unfortunately not visible to ordinary users) by which the college staff can load models and modify the information content.


Thanks, androlo. You are right, this is a virtual version of a milk producing farm that is used for teaching and research, located near a town called Iisalmi.

You can certaily add links to this application, it is a an open and public project and any interest in it is welcome!

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Ah this is great. Those piles of hay I’ve added to my awesome list, next to thetoucher’s beige ogre and the running stickman in the sprite engine.

I have cows also, this is very fun to see, but ours are for meat only. Those cows are for milk I assume because the calfs are separated. The calfs btw. are especially good looking. They really look like real ones, with the big heads etc.

Is it ok to link this app outside the jME forums?