Uploading the latest JavaDoc to the website

How do we get the JavaDoc (at http://javadoc.jmonkeyengine.org/ ) updated to JME 3.2 ?

It has to be pushed on this repo in the gh-pages branch

Didn’t have time to do it yet.
though Maybe we should do something a bit different with a landing page that offers links to previous versions also. Else a new push will replace the current content.
but…html… ugh…

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sub-directories for different versions.

Link to the appropriate version in the release’s release notes.

Have a page in the wiki that links to older versions.

The benefits to this approach are:
-predictable URLs that anyone can change in their URL bar
-releases (from now on) will always have valid link to their javadoc, forever

The only downside is using the storage space, really.

Edit: that being said, note that I do not do this for my own projects… only the latest is on the web. Each release gets a javadoc jar on bintray anyway. So at any time people can get the javadoc for any versions.

So there is precedent for not doing it the way I suggested above.

I can see the need for a archived version considering the SDK is not 3.2 stable yet.

Once that happens, I would suggest its up to the user thereafter. Wayback machine for you.