Use JME in eclipse

At first,Pl set you ev follow as :

  1. Instrall ANT to you eclipse.
  2. New a java project from existing ant buildfile
  3. If everything ok, you can dist-all  in build.xml
  4. IF you got a lot errors, it may cause by some set in the build.xml. As my ev,

        I modify the build.xml as follow(underline part):

    <target name=“compile” depends=“init” description=“generate jme classes”>

      <mkdir dir="${class}" />

      <mkdir dir="${class}/com" />

      <copy todir="${class}/com">

      <fileset dir="${src}">

        <exclude name="**/*.java" />



      <javac source=“1.5” target=“1.5” srcdir="${src}" destdir="${class}" classpathref=“classpath” listfiles=“no” fork=“true” memoryMaximumSize=“256m” />


    <target name=“run-testchooser” depends=“compile-test” description=“Runs the TestChooser”>

      <java classname=“jmetest.TestChooser” fork=“true” classpathref=“classpath”>

      <jvmarg value="-Djava.library.path=${libs}" />



      Now you should do step 2 again!
  5. If dist-all is ok, you can debug the demo under JMEsrcjmetest

      If you get link problem, you can copy  lwjgl.dll to System32 to make a try!

      Good luck ! :smiley: