Use OpenCV with JMonkey for Android

Hi everybody !

I’m new to JME3 as I’ve come with the idea to do some Augmented Reality apps with free and open software.

I wish to use OpenCV3 along with JMonkey Engine for an android app.

As i’ve already setup my eclipse to work with android and opencv, so i wish to use JME3 with it. I readed this link :
to try to make it work, but i’m stuck at the beginning : I can’t import; I looked into the jar, and the .class isn’t in fact there. I downloaded it from :
Also, the JME3-android.jar isn’t in there. I import the “jme3-openal-soft-natives-android.jar” as it’s the only one with “android” in his name … :confused:

I really don’t get why it seems some jar/classes are missing.

Also, i don’t get how to use jme3 samples in eclipse (can’t find them in the sdk).

Thanks for your help

Look in the opt folder.

I can’t believe i didn’t have the curiosity to look there … Thanks !