User Inteface for human pose manipulation


I’m working on a research project that involves 3D human pose manipulation. I need to create a UI that loads a human model and lets the user modify its pose (move arms, legs, etc.). I’ve managed to load a model with a skeleton and rotate limbs programmatically using the keyboard.

I’d like the user to be able to use the mouse to move/rotate the limbs. What would be the best way to do it? Also, is there support for inverse kinematics?

I’m new to jmonkeyengine, so any help will be greatly appreciated.



If it were me, I’d create a separate set of skeleton objects the mirror the settings of the Skeleton bones. These would be nodes/geometry etc. to give a visual display of the object’s bones… but also provide something to click on.

Then I’d use Lemur to process the clicks/drags/etc. because it makes picking really easy. I even started to implement something like this in one my game editors/testers already so I know it works.

For inverse kinematics, you are kind of on your own, though.

Note: you can find a little more about Lemur’s scene picking stuff here:

Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a try!