Users guide

I cant get the users guide to come. I try at home, Itry in the office and I get anything its either ablank page or a weird message that basically means "access denied" am I missing something

I just tried it from my work machine, seems to work. It’s a pdf file, so you’ll need acrobat reader or something similar to open it.

Hmm I really don’t know why acrobat isn’t reading it, it’s just a straight PDF, I didn’t do anything strange to it.

Thanks for pointing out the typo. I’ll fix it… although with Eric’s improvement of the the app package, all of chapter 1 is going to change. That’s what I get for trying to write a User’s Guide before anything is finished. :slight_smile:

I installed a new download manager, it was able to bring to the thing down

apart from that nothing else works and I have acrobat.

btw that code listing in chapter 1 is missing a value in RGBAColor

total novices "like me" could trouble figuring that out

Yeah, that sucks. Also means all the tutorials have to be updated. :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, I’ll try to write up some formal documentation for the new package. (No ETA, however. It’ll be on the infamous “when it’s done” schedule. )

I’m considering pulling the User’s Guide off the site, and just holding off until we are at a “stable” state and then we can all pool our efforts to getting an accurate User’s Guide in place.