Using Acorus DisplaySettings without ActionApplication

Hi, I am implementing a settings menu for my game and I found the Acorus library very useful.
I want to use the DisplaySettings class, but it has a hard dependency on ActionApplication, this is a Acorus specific class and I don’t want to use it for my project.

I noticed it doesn’t use anything specific from it so I believe it should be changed to vanilla’s Application, unless there’s a more appropriate solution.

I opened a PR.

EDIT: It was LegacyApplication originally and I changed to the top Application interface.


Thank you for your contribution.
Version 1.1.1 of the Acorus library resolves this issue.

Thanks a lot Stephen! I hope my explanation was convincing :smiley:
Great job with Acorus!

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I hope my explanation was convincing

The more I thought about your PR, the more it made sense.
My only regret is I should’ve bumped the version number to 2.0.0 !

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