Using MotionPath code to implement pathFInding Control

I took a look at the MOtionPath code and i think that to adapt it

to another control related to a primitive test of pathfinding i only

have to feed the spline with the points created from the pathfinding algorithm

and change the setLocalTranslation to the SetPosition method of the physics character control or whatever it is

called , am i missing something else?

yeah, why not, it could work. Really motion path just interpolates between waypoints.

I’m interested in your results.

Ok thank you,

i will go on with this implementation and make some tests.

The first tests went pretty well although

actually the creation of the spline doesn’t take into account

the fact that he cannot use some points to create the interpolation segments

because they are not in the navigation map i have to make a further check

for visibility or for points that belongs to a specific navigation cell everytime

the character makes a move, i will dive into it and find which is the best

performance solution.