Using "Run Project" deletes compiled class files

I’m having an issue that’s beyond my understanding, so I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.

When I Clean & Build a project, I can go into the build/classes/ folder and see all of the class files. However, when I try to execute “Run” on the project, all of the class files are removed from their folders and the jMonkeyEngine SDK informs me “Error: Could not find or load main class myProject.Main”.

From what I can tell, this only happens when I have the JUnit libraries set onto the project. When I revert the project branch to a revision before adding JUnit, it does not appear to have this problem.

Does anyone have any insight into why this is happening? I would like to start working on JUnit tests in parallel to development, but this makes it a little harder to run the project.

Found it.

Apparently, the setting for “Compile on Save” is causing this for some odd reason.

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