UV coordinates lost on importing .blend files

Hi guys i have some problem i really need a help with , home some one could advise me .

I try to import scene from blender , but some times some objects lose UV coordinates on import .
Soo they are mapped in some random way . It happens only to some objects that has no Packed image .

If i Pack texture every thing works perfect , but problem is (exept i use same textures for different objects)
I need to make some objects transparent (trees ,grass , bushes) soo i cant pack them , and when i try to pack and manually import texture , a generated material is wothout UV coordinates any way .

Is there any solution for losing UV coordinates on import , or a way to import a transparent objects from blender without fixing alfa in JME editor ?

i suppose you use .Blend file → convert in SDK. I would never suggest using it.

Note you can export default textures anyway, and just replace them too.

What i suggest you is using:

it should not loose UV coords when no textures i assume

As i remember transparency was working properly if configured proper way in Blender
(since i just have j3o Trees files that open with proper transparency)

but even if it dont, anyway can automatize it on loading process.

Thnx. making it transparent should be same as from blend ?