Valve to allow everything on Steam

Just what in tarnation is going on these last few days :confused:


copies jme tutorial program

publishes on steam

steam: seems legit


From what I’ve heard, lots of steam users have still been complaining that Valve is still letting bad or unfinished games through the new Steam direct system they implemented in the last year to replace GeeenLight. So I guess steam just decided to give up on judging games thenselves and leave it up to the free market

I couldn’t find anything about them changing the $125 deposit fee for publishing a game with Steam Direct though, i hope they still keep that in place as an incentive to avoid too many games being submitted and flooding their store.

wot in unlimited publication


I’m not even a little surprised. They’ve been moving this direction for a long time now.

Did anyone ever think steam was going to stay premium forever? Once it became the de facto pc gaming storefront, the next logical step was to open the gates. Valve can’t look at how much money the Google play store and the App store have generated over the last decade and say they don’t want that. It sucks, probably a lot, but it was going to happen at some point.