Vector Math, Getting Answers

I seem to recall that the Forum UI used to include a slew of helpful links, including Paul’s vector math for dummies tutorial and Mike Ash’s “Getting Answers” guide.

If they’re still around, please make them more prominent. If they’re gone, I respectfully ask that they be brought back.


They are right on the documentation page linked above.

Note: the vector math for dummy’s was Normen’s. Transparency for dummies is mine.

The “getting answers” guide is on that page though not as prominent as it used to be up top.

Personally, I miss them from the top bar but it was getting kind of cluttered, I guess.


Thanks for the pointer and the correction re authorship.

There’s plenty of room in the left-hand sidebar. Let’s add them there.

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My window is never wide enough to have a left sidebar so I forget that it’s there. :slight_smile:

I’ll add them to the side menu. Its a 5 minute job (discourse’s editor is abysmal).

While I’m there I think I might make the transparency doc a legit page put a link to the forum topic in it. Just seems a bit more professional.


There is a left hand side bar? Like pspeed I literally never have a window wide enough to see that, thanks for the info though it seems useful


The links have been added to the sidebar as requested.

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Thank you.