Vehicle Creator - vehicle will not move

I think this is a case of me missing something and being stupid, but I clicked ‘edit vehicle’ on a simple model I made as a test, followed instructions from ( but when I click test vehicle, I cannot get it to move. Can anyone explain how I use this? I created a really simple model to avoid any complications

I messed around with default settings when I couldnt move it, hence the 8mil acceleration

Well your gravity is very very high, maybee the problem.

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For reference, Jupiter’s gravity is only 24.79 m/s²

You’ve got yours set to about 1/3 the gravity of the Sun. I suspect you will have a lot of friction.


maybe misplaced the decimal point… 98.0 instead of 9.80… hate it when that happens… esp on finance apps… :wink:

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Thanks for the replies, my mistake ofc it’s using mass, mg and all that. My degree is in finance, wish I had noticed that bit before posting :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I set mass to 0.1, and now have gravity of: [0.0, -0.98100007, 0.0]

It still won’t move at all, it’s like it isn’t receiving any input

The steering keyboard commands currently don’t work in the VehicleCreator.


Oh right well I guess that wraps that up. Thanks for the quick help though :slight_smile: