Vehicle damage of my vehicle

How can i achieve vehicle damage on my vehicle. like car wreck stuff!!
Any help will be appreciated.

Just choose a nice pillar, in a parking lot, for example. Get in your car and drive right into the pillar.
It should do the trick.
You may want to drive slowly to not wreck yourself in the operation though.


If you have already tried what Nehon suggested and not happy with the result, you can try the following two methods,

  1. Model the deformations previously and replace them as your vehicle gets damaged.

  2. Use Bullet Soft body physics, i.e. cloth simulation. I don’t know if norman has implemented it yet.

no i have not tried anything specific yet…and thanks for this info…will look into it…and try to implement the same… :smiley:

nice one…i ll let some other volunteer for it!! :wink:

Hi, did you get any option in JME3 for car crash?

Like @iamcreasy said, you can start by making a multi-parts car model ( with glass, door, broken things…) and then switch them (the undamaged to the damaged version) whenever the crash happen. This method is very flexible,you can easily test out in your model editor first. Hope this help

Thanks for reply. Can we update mesh at run time? Is it good idea with JME? I wish by collision impact result if we modify mesh some how. I think on modern GPU it would not be a heavy process. making damaged parts and replacing it is looks more static. I hope in next JME version some body include softbody dynamics. I not good in C and C++ but still started learning bullet engine. perhaps I could do some thing productive. I believe JME has potential to make AAA level games.

Not leaving an answer here but just giving you a term that may aid you in your quest for answers. “Soft Body Physics” is what some engines have started to implement to simulate what happens when a car hits a thing. An example of an engine built specifically for this would be BeamNG

Could you do this in JME? Better people here would be able to answer that in detail. I’d say “Yes” followed with a “But be prepared for a LOT of work”

Edit: That’s also not to say it wouldn’t be a LOT of work in other engines as well as a side note. Soft body physics is fairly newish to be running in real-time as I understand it.

bullet actually has softbody support, however jme has no wrapper for that functions.

After searching lots of things on google and trying libGDX too, now I have decided to start writing softbody wrapper. I downloaded JME code from …/svn/branches/3.0final branch and now I am puzzled, what exactly we are using ‘JBullet’ or ‘Bullet Native’? I also see same file names in ‘Java Bullet’ and ‘Native Bullet’. why ‘JBullet’ and ‘Bullet Native’? :confused:
also getting compilation error in ‘PhysicsSpace’ class from ‘Bullet Native’.


BeamNG, RoR are examples of softbody physics integration in real-time. I guess GTA also has used it.

I suggest to use the jme3.1 version from github instead.

Basically jme allows to use native bullet or the java port jbullet. Native bullet is faster and has better algorithms, jbullet however is pure java, reducing problems for deployment, or for example in a restricted enviroment (applets for example).
You want to use the native ones for this.

I don’t found jme3.1, can you share link?

@Pankaj_Patel FYI I just started to look at making softBody wrapping for JME3.1

I didn’t made much things, right now im trying to understand how Bullet SoftBody works ( and C is ugly ).

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No car game to date uses actual softbodies for the damage simulation. And thats not because the programmers are too stupid or didn’t have that idea.

Wrong, next car game, beam ng.

Yeah, I have that game. Its not softbodies. And the fact that this game is considered a breakthrough more than underlines my point.

True that part, but what is it then?