Version 0.5

It’s out!

Thanks to EVERYONE. The hardwork really shows this release, it’s looking great and running great. We now have a very solid foundation on which to work, and each release should show cooler and cooler stuff.

-Model Loaders: Milkshape ASCII with animation, MD2 with animation and a alpha version of a ASE loader.

-Particle System for various effects.

-Application Enhancements: More game types allow the user tighter control of the main game loop.

-Initial GUI System: Including (buttons, scoll bars, layout managers, and multiple viewports)

-Clone and CloneNode allow for reuse of often used geometry. Saving memory and render speed.

-Soundgraph allows the orginzation and culling of sounds based on direction and distance from listener.

-Many optimizations and bugfixes. Running many times faster in some cases.

-The premier of the demo page with webstartable demos. Allow for an easy glimpse of what jME is currently capable of.