Versioning / releases branches and tags

Continuing the discussion from here and here and here and other places :slight_smile:

We should decide how to handle the release process in the future.

Right now the trunk seems pretty stable.

So lets do the following:

  • main development (new features etc) continues in /trunk

      - optionally make nightly build jars available

  • create a branch named 2.0 /branches/2.0

      - release jme jars named 2.0.0 from this branch

      - no new features will get added to the branch

      - if still many bugs are fixed in the branch, release new jars 2.0.1 (optionally create a tag?)

    After enough new features have been added to the /trunk:
  • create a branch named 2.1 /branches/2.1

      - release jme jars 2.1.0 from this branch

      - no new features will get added to the branch

    etc …


    Bugfixing should happen on the branch and then merged into trunk.

    But if not much changed between trunk and branch, bugfixing can also happen in trunk and merged into branch or simply on both places :slight_smile:

    That way, someone who wants to use a stable code base, can use the branch or released jars in their project.

    If someone doesn’t worry about possible binary incompatibilities or api changes he can continue to use the trunk.

    In the ChangeLog we will list binary incompatibilities or api changes between the released jar version 2.0 2.1 2.2 etc.

    Opinions or other Ideas?

    Can someone provide reliable nightly builds? (i can’t seem to build jme on the vserver)

This sounds like standard practice, and I'm all for it.

Good here too…

Let me look into nightly builds :slight_smile:

I actually managed to build one, but i can only compile it when i kill the webserver to free up some resources :slight_smile:

So this wont be updated again:

Any other ideas, opinions?

If not i will create the branch in the next days, then someone with the permissions should upload the jars for this branch on google code.


Now jme takes a step forward to new version.

Let's make it better.  :smiley:

I created the 2.0 branch now.

Basixs or nymon could you upload the jar distribution to google code?

I updated the build which is created with 'ant dist-all' / nightly  you could get the  from there.

I would be happy to…

But isn't this just the same as the "Distribution" archive (but with the tests kept in… which more than doubles the size).

We will also need a "Complete" archive with all the source (included into the single jme.jar file) and libraries (which I need to update still to include all of the JOGL libs, update the batch file…).

yep just a update of the currently available downloads.

But maybe include the 3rd party libs with the distribution jars ?

Because the jars alone wont be usable alone. And if people try to download the 3rd party libs manually they could get the wrong version etc.