Video Memory?


How can I determine the total amount and the used amount of VIDEO memory?

get all texture objects and add all return values of a function giving you the approximate amount of used memory (dunno name but it was easy to find)

You can't, not within jME at least, and you don't need to in most cases. There's an ati extension to opengl that allows you to access it, there are also utilities online that let you see how much video memory is used (GPU-Z).

Getting all texture objects won't give you the total used memory, there are also framebuffers and meshes that use a significant amount.

well I need to determine my project's system requirements: ram, harddisk space, video memory

I got the first two and I still need the video memory

… so you suggest to use a third party software to do that job ? isn't it at least a good estimation to use what Empire Phoenix suggested?

Empire Phoenix's estimation might be too low, especially if you're using post-processing. In that case, at high resolutions, the amount of video ram used will be very high. I guess it is fine in all other cases as meshes rarely take as much memory as textures do.