Virus Software gives warnings downloading JME zip file


I’ve built a JME game project and now I’m setting up a web site to distribute it.

I’ve created a Windows .zip file to be downloaded by the user. When I use my own site on localhost to test download the zip file, my McAfee virus software says its detected a virus or spyware in the ZIP file. Obviously I don’t want users to be put off by this.

What’s the cause ? The Clean and build process says it is signing the JARS so why is there a problem ?


can you give us your .zip file?

Yes, how do I get it to you ?

like posting your website here?

My website is not online yet, I’m just testing on my local machine

If I right click on the Windows zip file in Windows Explorer and select “Scan”, the virus scanner finds no issues, but when I try to download from local host it gives an error ?

Don’t understand.

Sigh… got that shit at work too, it finds virus where they aren’t and miss viruses where they are…
I’d try to chnage my anti virus…
Try Avast or AVG.Both have free plans that are efficient.

Try to send your file to this site. It tells you about false positive and you can check what kind of AV will block your content.

Also bookmart this site and whenever you are deploying something, check for false positives on it.

And don’t forget, you Apache maybe infected also, because McAffe isn’t the best AV out there…

From what i remember, usually antiviruses give you an id for the type of the virus, that looks something like that W32/EvilVirus.
If you search for it here: you can get the full description that could probably help in understanding why mcafee doesn’t like your software.

There was no mention of a specific virus.

It’s not my virus software I’m worried about, it’s what the users will think will they get a message saying my game file has a virus.

I sent the file to the site below and about half the virus checkers thought it was ok, the other half didn’t. I scan my pc regularly so I don’t know where the warnings are coming from.

Could you post the result of virustotal’s scan?

The results are here

From that link it looks ok for every antivirus…

You said that half the antiviruses thought there was a virus in the file, but this link says none of them think there’s a virus. Can you post the right link?

I assumed that where there was a green tick, the file passed, otherwise it didn’t. I probably didn’t read the results properly. However McAfee still reports an error when I try to download the file from localhost.

Exactly, but here there are only green ticks.
Have you tried to download it from an address different than localhost?