Voicework: Charles Anderson

Wow, we can offer services here? That sounds like fun!

If you want some cheap voice work done, sure thing. I’m sure that I can help out. Summon me with an @Relic724 on this topic thread. I’m at a “down time” creatively, atm, so I’ll chunk in one of my easier talents… for me… and help out. What’s the industry standard? IDK. I’m doing this for fun. Is 1$ per recorded minute about right to charge?

I guess I better do some examples, eh?
Fanfiction Radio Stunt - A horrible DJ is thrust upon the airwaves of some small radio station… half of a show ensues. All mixing and voicework by yours truly.
Moonlight on Your Shoulders - Hey, so I was in a band, and I am in a band again. I play bass. I wrote this song with Steve for the album that would be made with that band. Band broke up before album was completed. Bands are like herding cats. Anyways, here’s a pretty dry mix of one of those “smooth songs for the ladies”. So, yes, if need be, singing can break out.

Other than that I do some youtube vids.

Game On,

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