Voxel Terrain

Hey, I don’t know if everyone has seen this yet, so I thought I would share the link to a couple of awesome vids:



There's a couple others out there like it.... Here's a link with more information about it, and also with a link to a free download of a guy's dissertation on it. http://www.terathon.com/voxels/ Just thought I would share this :) lol, I just about died when I saw the amazingness of the terrain!


I’ve been trying to do things similar to that for a long time… without success. Maybe I’ll do that for Mythruna version 2. :slight_smile:

lol. Now that would be awesome! Did you take a look at the link I gave/the dissertation? I skimmed over it a bit… It seems to explain it, however, I don’t think I saw much code :frowning: The guy who made the vids has a blogspot, where I think he put some code… The link is in the description. If you ever get it working, be sure to tell me!

I did read it. I think there are still issues… it will be interesting to see the implementations and their limitations in something like a sandbox world. Some form of voxel skinning can be done on the GPU but I don’t think this stitching can… which would mess that up. I’ll have to think about it after the rest of my game is working. :wink:

…after all, most of the real game systems will work in either type of world… which was the whole idea.

Truly spectacular! Imagine a jMP plugin that allowed creation and modification terrain like this…

Yeah. Once I finish my school project (in about 6 or 7 weeks) I’m going to investigate this a bit more, but I can’t promise anything… I probably won’t be able to get it working, but there’s always the possibility that I can trade some code to the guy who made the video so he’ll give me the code to that (he will only trade code for it, unfortunately… lol, do you think I could send him the jMonkeyEngine :wink: ). So yeah, I can’t wait until then! NVidia has something like this in the GPU Gems 3, but I think it’s a bit different… If anyone was really interested, I’d suggest looking at that? (although, most probably have…) Here it is anyways: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems3/gpugems3_ch01.html