Walnut Rampage

This is just a prototype of a game concept I had to get out of my head :slight_smile: This means that all the graphics and such are all placeholders, so you don’t have to inform me of how bad they look :wink:

Instructions (also prompted ingame):

Help Mr.Walnut to catch as many
umm... other walnuts as possible
before the background turns red!

You do this by dragging and
releasing him with your mouse.

Note: he cannot catch any walnuts
while being dragged.

Tip: try to catch them in a row
(within a short timeframe).

Press enter to play!

The only real additions to the gameplay I have in mind are that maybe:
* there could fly past some pieces that you could attach to Mr.Walnut (also via springs), giving you a greater hit-area.
* it'd be cool if Mr.Walnut would bounce when he comes in contact with the walls, giving you an opportunity to make some really nice moves :)

Other suggestions on what could make the game more appealing are all welcomed!


It's Windows only atm -- sorry, but as I said, it's only a prototype and since most devs here seem to run Windows I didn't think it'd be worth it to make two more distros. And I've got nowhere to webstart...

Cool Per, what a nice game. I like the idea.

It is so simple, yet I find it very addictive.

  • One idea I have is to add boobie trap walnuts that is for example

    sour. This will make mr. Walnut loose power.
  • Also make the walnuts move in a more random manor instead of only horizontally over the screen.

    Nice one. :slight_smile:

i like the game idea too.

i only got the impression that i can’t reach the corners of the screen with mr. walnut.

maybe introduce yet another method of moving mr. walnut ( in higher levels) by punching him or so. that way mr. walnut’s trajectory would be harder to control.

another idea would be to introduce obstacles (which can be destroyed or not), so mr walnut can’t reach that easy each part of the playground.

but whatever you do, keep us up to date :wink:


you could add bonus walnuts which could make mr. walnut act like a vacuum cleaner for a short time (like sucking up the walnuts he gets near on). yet another thing you might add is pushing the walnuts around while mr. walnut goes insane :smiley: . there are tons of things you can add :slight_smile: teleports for example. or “evil” walnuts which the player has to avoid. i don’t mean evil like boobietrapped but like slow mr walnut down, or bump him back.

Thanks guys for those great suggestions - I’ve implemented pretty much all of them (except for those last ones Sfera, as I didn’t see em until now :))

I also played some with a classic freeze-powerup, but it didn’t turn out very well since the walnuts (or what you now should call em) could get stuck in very hard-to-reach locations.

I’ve also worked quite some on the visuals, so I would appreciate comments on those as well…

heyhey :smiley:

mr walnut can be controlled much better than before. one problem i see(it’s just my opinion) is that the “red stuff” is not that visible when the background turns in a shade of red.

a question would be : what are the diferences between levels? i didn’t notice any.