WaterFilter post processor, water trail

Hello, I have a problem.
I use the WaterFilter post processor and I want to create a water trail, behind my ship.
How do I create such a water trail?

From what i know, there is no way to do such a thing with the current water filter. But not too long ago someone posted in this forum an opensource prototype of a really nice sea for jmonkey with trails, 3d waves and realistic physics , search the forum for OceanMonkey.

You can acheive this but with a trick.
Your boat needs to have a trailing mesh in place of the trail, that would span with the boat movement ( you may have to bend the mesh according to the boat streering).
This mesh needs to be slightly below the sea level, and it’s material need to write depth (the default behavior for any material), it doesn’t need to write color though. This will create a foam trail behind your boat.

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