Waymark is 2D puzzle game. It isn't ready yet, but webstart launcher, 10 test levels, screenshots and source code
under GPLv3 are available from:


Players can also create and load their own levels as simple xml-files, but instructions how to do it aren't on the page yet.

I get a lot of stuttering audio wise, other than that - nice puzzle!

That looks fun. I'll give it a try this weekend.

Very nice.

I think difficulty is pretty well adjusted to keep interest. Other people may find it too easy or too difficult maybe. I made it to level 6 pretty well but got a bit bored afterwards.

I suggest a navigation map so the player can know when the game ends and maybe choose alternate paths to the end.

That's a fun game, a bit addicting too. :roll:

I think the stuttering Matzon is talking about is a "thump" you hear in one of the sound effects, you might want to fix that.

Agreed, that is a great game. Can't wait to show my friend, he loves those types of games… he will be addicted for sure.