Web-enabled capability/example?


Sorry for NOOB question, but is jME web-enabled?

Is there an example/tutorial that someone could point me to?

Thanks in advance,


brcain said:

is jME web-enabled?

what should that mean?

What are the issues (if any) with running a jME based 3D application through a browser?  Are there any tutorials/examples?

Search for "applet" on these boards, to find posts about it - in general it's possible (I didn't use it myself).

Thanks … will do.  I didn't find a tutorial for it a few months back … was curious if one had been added.

But, I do see the jmetest.awt.applet … DOH!  Sorry about missing that.  ://

Besides that, you might want to consider using WebStart to run your application from the web, but with all capabilities of the local VM instead of the browser's sandbox.