Web generated world and Live Blocks - Youtube, Chat Blocks, Dynamic content, In-out data

Generate the world from a web search.

Use textures from the search results.

Elevation is controlled by search ranking.

Other deeper concept:

Youtube blocks.

A video is put into the texture cache and a block or blocks can have a video wall or mountain.

A new social network not just around 3D generated content from the web but blocks that actually perform web function.

Bittorrent blocks etc…

On search generated worlds:

A castle template could be used to fill in content from a web search.

The walls are the images and inside of div tags. The doors are links or portals to the sites that it links to.

Outside the castle and their physical orientation to eachother is based on the server geography in which they reside.

This is the most paralell world to the web world I have been able to come up with.

If a web site is a room then the doors are portals.

The rooms themselves are on a cartesian plane while their doors are esssentially pointers to eachtother.

It seems logical that the growth of the internet would eventually become 3D as in VRML.

The code libraries available to essentially download textures to the cache, build images from contents in div tags, make this plausible in your circumstance?

Other blocks:

Chat blocks.

Doodle blocks.

Graffitti blocks.

Browser blocks.

Email blocks.

Facebook blocks.

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Golem XIV has spoken. xD

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Golem XIV has spoken. xD

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