Weird BSS results

I was editing the BSS for my game and I'm getting this weird result that when I use the code:

background: solid #00000088;

for windows, it is completely solid. After much toying around, I figured out that the values 00 through 05 affect the alpha of the background as if it was from clear to solid (respectively). Yet in everything else 2-digit numbers work...

On an unrelated note--I get this weird thing where combo box items turn white after you select one and go back to change it...

weird…I've been wanting to fix this to exclude alpha and give the 00 to 05 constant values that can be parsed:


transparent, semitransparent, halfNHalf, semiOpaque and Opaque or something like that rather than the 8digit hex value.

I've noticed the combo box thing on aTechnique in svn.  I did not assume that it was global, but something local with either aTechnique or the bss…So, I now need to go through the last check ins and start reverting until it works correctly, as well, compare changes that were made to see what affects these portions.