Welcome MrCoder

Hey MrCoder just saw your forum status as developer - great you decided to join :slight_smile:

Did I miss something or wasn't this announced in any way?

I'm curious, did you end up using my terrain package for the E3 demo?

I sure did Llama! well, a severly modified version, to allow for texturesplatting and reading heightmap+splatting layers etc directly from freeworld, plus being able to edit the map directly in the engine(with raise, flatten, smooth brushes etc) and to trace a lightmap too…But thanks a bunch!

I will submit those things too offcourse.

Awesome! I guess it's no longer just "my" terrain package :slight_smile:

Yeah, probably should have mentioned something… I'll remedy that…

Welcome Mr. Coder!

hehe as i said, i sneaked in :wink:

Mr. Coder, where'd your "get into jME free" card come from?  After the scrutiny I had to go through I think you got jipped. :-p


well, just compare your username with mine, and give that question another thought :wink:

heh, besides, when everyone was bugging out about wanting us to add more developers a while back, mrcoder was a name that came up many times.

No offense taken on my part, I was just giving Mr. Coder a rough time as I didn't realize he already had been given developer status and I had messaged him telling him he should post a poll if he was still interested in gaining developer access and felt quite the fool when I realized he had already been given developer access.  :roll:

I'm just happy to be considered a developer myself now.  :slight_smile: