What do you think about MonkeyWorld3D

Yes we would really love to know :smiley:

Edit: If you can talk about what is missing from the editor, or what are you expecting. It will be really great.

One thing that I have found annoying about MW3D is that whenever you create a new object, there is no easy way of updating the render states (or geometric or anything) on that node, and thus, if it is rendered incorrectly, there is not much you can do to fix it. (perhaps I should not complain and start fixing it myself  )

While MW3D sure looks good and intuitive to use, I still prefer do roll my own editors. Somehow I don't think it would be really easy to make MW3D do what I need, especially because I don't have any experience with SWT/Eclipse RCP. Also my world data format is still evolving a lot, and having a self made editor, where I always know exactly how things are done, has helped me a million times already in adapting to that.

But even though I don't use it for level editing, MW3D has helped me in the past to play around with renderstate settings etc.

So keep up the good work!

I’d say the camera control is a bit a problem, it’s very hard to navigate around the scene. I suggest you try RenParticleEditor for a good example of camera control.

Also right now I am going to be using MW3D for doing quite advanced model editing (more than I ever did before), I’ll make sure to point out any problems I encounter.

the entry field need to be adjusted they flip out, when a value is invalid it resets with no warning that annoying e.g:

it won't take decimal values unless u start with a zero, please change.

if an entered value is outside a specific range, show an error message or simply let the field stay active until the error is fixed…but that reset behavior… :? :? :x

as someone else said renparticle editors camera controls are very good consider it, mw3d is useful for applying  particle effects to models but making the particle system feels harder and slower to do in mw3d as I had said a while back I would preffered if a link could be provided between both tools i.e  fire up renparticle from inside mw3d and then import the completed effects back to mw3d

Hi all, this is indeed very interesting stuff :smiley:


Then let do it man.

@hevee :

Well mmmm, I might be trying to covence you other wize about this, would I :smiley: ?

I believe its very very easy to adapt your model to the editor, Its as simple as overriding the doSave, and doSaveAs for saving files, and setEditorInput for the loading, if I do remember. We used jMe formate, for loading and saving the files, and that was the simplest part of it. At the end every thing is converted to nodes, spatials, trimeshes, controllers and stuff, in which the editor can understand and display that for you. If you have a special classes that extended from jMe original classes, then they will show, but if you want to show your specific stuff, then you can just add those casts to the provider classes in the editor. Also don't forget about that all of your model will be exposed to the tools set in the editor, say selection for example. Your trees for examples, and your players, will have a direct editing support in the editor, you can change all of their states, applied controllers, add particles to them, add spatial transformation and stuff, well the list is big. With one tree, and some amount of textures, you have a variety of models in the scene !!!. Add some road blockers that moves, … .

Selection facilities for the editor, single and multiple selections, for all the nodes in the scene.

Command interface, I consider this as one of the most important features.

Direct import from other models to your work space.

Ability to sort you models and nodes the way you want, just by dragging and dropping.

Tools support, where you can activate deactivte on the fly, well lately I was trying with terra, and got it up and running, and took a little time to create a tool that raises and lower the terrain. The cool thing is that I was able to deactivate the model tools, and directly interact with the terrain, which was really neat.

I am sure I didn't say a lot about it as there are so many stuff.

I agree SWT/RCP is not easy at all, but one of things that we have done is hiding this complexity from users, didn't we? And we still pushing on removing this complexity as much as we can .I bet you can get it up and running in no time. And I bet also that you can convert to it, in two days, no more :D.

RCP Guru is also here. Vardamir.


This is indeed a very good news to us. I am really excited. Please keep us posted if you can.

We will try to fix the camera behavior asap, you are right, its not very good.


All of that will be fixed, I know its annoying.

Getting Renparticle editor inside is a good idea, but still you want to have a direct edit mode for you particles in the scene, for example you have a car with a thrust, its not very good to go to particle editor and do the change, while you can just select that particle and start editing it on the fly, and see the result applied to the model plus the particle. Just what I am thinking, and why we considered adding a direct editing mode for particles in the editor.

Check your bug tracker :slight_smile:

hevee said:
Somehow I don't think it would be really easy to make MW3D do what I need, especially because I don't have any experience with SWT/Eclipse RCP. Also my world data format is still evolving a lot, and having a self made editor, where I always know exactly how things are done, has helped me a million times already in adapting to that.

That's the best argument to use MW3D  :D
With the eclipse framework, its all about customizing special behaviour. Plugins are used to fine tune how things are done. Currently there is only one load/save option in the editor. But what, if we would introduce some extension points, to hook into this load/save machanism? That would help you with your problem. Still you would need to have some knowlegde on how to write an eclipse plugin, sure. But believe me, that's not a big deal (despite finding the proper documentation ;))
The most important argument for tool developers would be: Why do we always try to reinvent the wheel? We have a tool-framework based on another tool framework (that is MW3D on Eclipse). Eclipse has yet proven to be one of the best framework available. And the best thing is, its also a Java IDE. With MW3D you get all in one place.
The point is, we need to work together, to improve MW3D to the needs of the game developers. This thread is a good starting point  :D


Check your bug tracker

I have fixed some :D.

have you guys kept the videos up to date ???, they were really useful

Hi theprism,

They are almost up to date with release 4.0.2, just a little time between the release, and the time they where made. My talents still not so good to show all of the stuff. But what is really missing still is how to make the physics with the editor. Still not that much has been added for the new work as we are very crunched. But I will try to show the features added as much as I can.

Right now not good thoughts … I used Eclipse TPTP (http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/) for profiling and after installing the MW3D plug-in, TPTP is disabled somehow.  My knowledge of the Eclipse IDE is still at a beginner level, but I have used it for sometime.

You may want to see if the same happens to you!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Jeff,

I don't have an experience with the TPTP, but I will try to install the plug-in and tell you what happens with me.



Seems that we really have an issue here, we are including some the eclipse plug-ins with the the bundle, and I guess eclipse seems to get confused when loading those plug-in, I had an issue with the core.runtime as well, TPTP,  seems to have an issue two, I am not an expert with it, but refused to make anything, while the interface still there.

We will try to solve this asap.

Did it cause you to have to re-install eclipse?  That's what I had to do.  As I stated before, I have used eclipse for some time, but I am still at a beginner's level.  Thanks for looking into this.



If you remove those plug-ins, then every thing must be back to normal. But of course its very hard to know them.