What If.../FAQ Page

So the idea here is that the Wiki can only handhold through the getting started.
For advanced features, someone might need to consult a search machine or have prior gamedev experience.
Most of this knowledge is also known to the members after years, but not to beginners.
This sounds abstract, so let me make an example:

What If… I want something to render on top of the scene

A) Put them into the GUI Node (if that applies, because blah blah blah)
B) Disable Depth Testing and ensure they are rendered last, consider the render buckets, but issues might occur for transparent objects blah blah blah.

That would be a good help for everyone using our engine and probably also using other engines and I would build those from the reoccurring hub questions people have. I am sure there are a lot that are essentially the same.


Just create an appropriate heading and add sub topics to it or use an existing heading and add a sub topic.