What is FengGUI exactly

I've been around for a while but definitely still a noob. Can anyone tell me exactly what FengGui does/is? And the tutorial would It be proper for me to be able to produce a similar code or would it just be the same if i was to copy the code and make slight modifications as I see fit for w/e project i'm working on?

also is the 2007-8-15 the latest build?

hellmaster wrote:
Download FengGUI
You can find the latest binaries and source for FengGUI here, grab the ZIP file from the newest folder. Or download it from sourceforge svn. Site: http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=178317 SVN: https://fenggui.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fenggui

FengGUI is a OpenGL based GUI library. Like Swing, only rendered directly by opengl instead of magic like jME Desktop. It can be used to make dialogs and stuff of that sorts, with less impact on performance than the jME Desktop Swing integration.

I don't know what the latest build is, but the svn repos is always being updated. I suggest checking i out.

Can i ask how would I get the files I see them but can't d/l the folders. I tried using the CVS in Eclipse but the FengGui their apparently has certain things missing infered from tutorial becuase i don't see the jars or libraries jsut random files

I posted a second tutorial on the jME wiki for FengGUI not too long ago - if you use the SVN version of FengGUI you're going to want to use the examples from my tutorial, rather than the older one by Whackjack. (His tutorial is for the old release)

The old release is probably way more stable, but Marc has made major changes since then, so I felt it would be beneficial for me to start using the new version.  I ended up finding and fixing a number of bugs - I don't think he has fully applied all my combobox patches though, so if you have troubles with that you should probably look at my combobox posts on the FengGUI bug forum.

So far the widgets I have used myself and know work are:



Button (Theme issues, but button functionality works properly)






My tutorial: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=new_integrating_fenggui_with_jme

EDIT: You should be able to connect to https://fenggui.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fenggui with an SVN client (I like RapidSVN best) to download the files.  Once you have them downloaded, navigate to the "make" directory and do an "ant buildPackage" (without the quotes).  This will compile the jars and put them in the "deploy" directory.

I've uploaded the jars I use for FengGUI currently here: http://www.shadowquest.net/files/unfair_fenggui.zip but I highly suggest you know how to compile them yourself for future reference. 

thx a lot I was able to successfully d/l it using SVN in Eclipse. However wouldn’t it be easier to simply add the build path to the project and then make the jar in eclipse since I’m using an IDE, Eclipse.

also the 2 classes that you wrote i would simply add them to a project and modify them if i need to correct similar to the way I do with Simplegame standardgame or basicgame?

EDIT:I figured most things out but i’m unable to compile the classes the lwjgl has a mark underneath it and when i click fix it asks if i want to make a class for it do i need to d/l lwjgl as well and if i do would i just get it from the CVS repository.

~I have jme and have been working with it but i thought lwjgl was part of it.

nvm imported jMErequired library and ODE just for extra but i can only run FengJME


                      FengJMEInputHandler doesn’t run

The zip with the jars that I linked you to is a recent version of FengGUI with all my fixes applied.  I can't really help you with eclipse since I don't use it.

You're only supposed to run FengJME.java, FengJMEInputHandler.java is referenced within FengJME to set up your input handler and stuff so you can click on the menus FengGUI creates for you…

The only things required to run the example from the wiki are:

  1. LWJGL
  2. JME (1.x - not sure how it works with 2.x)
  3. FengGUI

    As long as you have all those it should run fine. (Just tested it again to verify, and it works)

thx a lot i understand now its working properly now it says that some of the libraries imported arn't use though but its not causing a problem so i'll just leave them thx a lot for the help man.