What is wrong with this?

Comment out there lines to see if it works:



button4.setBounds(280, 550, 540, 75);

button4.setFont(new Font("Prestige Elite Std", Font.PLAIN, 36));

button5.setBounds(840, 550, 540, 75);

button5.setFont(new Font("Prestige Elite Std", Font.PLAIN, 36));

button6.setBounds(1400, 550, 540, 75);

button6.setFont(new Font("Prestige Elite Std", Font.PLAIN, 36));





still doesn’t work…

Does it at least show a red empty panel?


Are u using eclipse or netbeans or jMonkeyPlataform Beta? if yes, Why don’t create your GUI’s by using a “drag and drop” plugin, like WindowBuilder???

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the jMP beta, but using a new file>java>java class…

Just install the “GUI Editor” plugin to edit swing gui visually yeah. Or learn swing properly, both would probably be best.

Then install the “GuiBuilder” plugin via Tools

> Plugins
>Available Plugins
>Gui Builder and be happy ;). After that you can create your components easily via new file
>components (or something like that). Then you can drag and drop buttons, panels, what you want to a container. Also, you can create button events easily by double left clicking the button(or any other component you want), then it will create the event method in source code.

does it matter if i use Java? or do i need to use jME3 categories?

when i make a new package…

Whatcha u meaning?

GuiBuilder is a oracle / sun feature, then you create the components inside any package you want. It might be a jme project as well too, but you have to know how to use swing+jme.

Look at the TestAwtPanels.java via new project

> Jme Tests.

how can i add an image?

via the properties window on the right. For buttons, look at the “icon” property.

read this : http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/java/quickstart-gui.html. You’ll need.

Omg glauco, how you manage to stand this? xD This must be the worst example of a bad thread there can be ^^

I’ll follow your rules. Next time i’ll just say:


i meant a picture