What is your preferred way of managing the camera (and why?)

Hello all,

Quick question: what is your preferred way of managing the camera?


  1. Use JME camera controllers in some way.
  2. Use the CameraNode.
  3. Set camera parameters manually each frame.
  4. Other… ?

    I am also interested in how you integrate into your code (how do you manage different cameras, etc.).

    Thank you!

I found the jme camera handlers too confusing, so I wrote one myself instead.  All you need is decent knowledge of trigonometry.  I keep floats which store the angles the camera is facing and use quaternions whenever it rotates or changes it's viewing direction.

I am using the strategic handler by lex… just because it does all I need and more… and it is so darn easy to plug in.

I also wrote my own handler as it was really simple, and the ones I looked at didn't do exactly what I wanted.

I use jME's built in stuff, like ChaseCamera, FirstPersonHandler, and then I just edit the position of the camera myself sometimes.

i forgot how i did it, but it probably is "set the values manually"

I've been spending most of my time with ChaseCamera and such.