What jar for com.jmex.model.converters?

Looking at the ant xml I don't see where the files in


get put into any jar.

Is this excluded on purpose, or did I miss something?

Is there an expectation that I'll save all my assets in a jme format and manage it that way?

What is the choice for including these in projects?

Thanks all.

   <target name="dist-model" depends="compile" description="generate jme jar file (model)">
      <jar jarfile="${jars}/jme-model.jar" basedir="${class}" update="no" compress="true" includes="**/com/jmex/model/**/*.class" excludes="**/com/jmex/model/collada/**" />

Thank you for the quick response.

However, when I open the jar with "jar -xvf jme-model.jar" the converters directory is missing.

For some more context, this problem is coming up when trying to launch an app with jnlp and a NoClassDefFoundError is getting thrown (for class com.jmex.model.converters.FormatConverter).

Thanks in advance for follow up answers/suggestions.


Would I be better off posting the follow-up question in a new topic?

Thanks for any assistance.

when i use jar -xvf jme-model.jar the converters is included.

what version of jme are you using ?

Thanks for the direction.

Rebuilding the jar it's now 40k smaller but has the converters classes in it.

Onto the next problem.    :expressionless: