What jars are needed to use Bullet (either native or JBullet) with alpha 3?

As the the title suggests, I am having trouble getting jBullet to work in Intellij Idea. I get ClassNotFoundExceptions regarding com.bulletphysics.collision.dispatch.CollisionObject. There are no bullet native jars or jbullet.jar in the download and I have jme3-jbullet.jar in my classpath. None of the other jars seem to have anything to do with bullet or physics. EDIT: vecmath.jar is also on my claspath.

EDIT2: running the examples that involve physics complains about not finding com/bulletphysics/collision/broadphase/OverlapFilterCallback

JBullet is not supported if you’re getting the engine through the jcenter maven repo. You have to use the jME3 one.

I’m just downloading the release from GitHub and selectively adding jars from the libs folder to my classpath. I’m not adding all of them since some are completely unnecessary (ie. the android jars since my game will not support android) and I don’t want a bloated game.

Can you check to see if that class is actually present in the jbullet.jar file?

It’s not present in the JME3-jbullet.jar. There is no jbullet.jar.

I just switched to idea some days ago. The packages you need are jme3-bullet and jme3-bullet-native. The jbullet is being deprecated.

You can find more info here.

And for assets, if you are using gradle, take a look to the gradle configuration here.

For some reason jbullet.jar and stack-alloc.jar are not considered dependencies by Gradle so the script that generates the distribution package doesn’t copy them :confused:
I created an issue for it here:

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Where are the native libraries located so that I can manually add them to my classpath?

If you follow the link I posted:

you’ll find them. If you feel too lazy to look them, you can find them in: jcenter (no jbullet), jme3 maven repo (has jbullet) :wink:

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All right, thanks :slight_smile:

@john01dav did you end up using jbullet.jar or the natives? I think I am having the [same problem] (Some issues while switching from jbullet to native bullet) when trying to use the natives mode with jme3-bullet.jar and jme3-bullet-native.jar.

I ended up using jbullet.

Finally, I managed to make native bullet work, despite not specified at -classpath the jme3-jbullet.jar was being loaded!
As I understand, that happened to you too.
Check here for details.