What kind of FPS with LOTS of particles?

So you’re telling me I was trying to reinvent the wheel when I started this project? :o

In a different forum I started explaining how I wanted to set up the “universe” and that’s pretty much the way I envisioned it, except it was 20x20x20 or 3x3x3, not 8, I wasn’t sure exactly at that point. My noobiness being what it is, I ran into problem I couldn’t solve at the time and decided that it would be preferable to come back to it later. That is so weird.

If you’re curious on how I saw the the whole thing you can check the post here

Now that I know it exists, in a probably much better define way, I’ll check octree more thoroughly when my present problems will be solved as this is more pressing. What I hope is that I won’t have to “reshape” the whole thing to accommodate for it.

I’m really weirded-out. :confused: lol