What version of NetBeans?

I’m running the 3.0Stable version the jME SDK, and I’m seeing evidence of NetBeans bug 225940. So I got to wondering how up-to-date the SDK is with respect fo NetBeans.

What version of NetBeans is the 3.0Stable SDK based on? How might I determine the version myself?

The single plugins show their version in the update view. The SDK is based off of 7.3.1

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Thank you for that information.

I notice that 7.4 is now the current version. Can I upgrade by simply downloading from netbeans.org or must I wait for it to be integrated into jME SDK?

The SDK is fairly heavily modified from the netbeans base so you need to wait for an update. It’s not worth trying to pull in every minor netbeans update so generally it will be a fairly big deal when it is updated.

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That makes sense. Thank you for answering my question.

By the way, the IDE says NetBeans 8.0 is available. It includes support for JDK 8 (lambas, among other things) and GIT enhancements:


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