Where are the jme filters?

I can’t find the com.jme.post.filters package. I looked in the library and both the source. I’m looking for the cartoonEdge filter. I just want to edit the code. Also the shaderblow project seems to be off github. Is that still around ?

Do you know how to search for classes?

If you have the source checked out locally:
dir Cartoon*.java /s

If not:

…and go from there.

Or if under linux:

find . -iname cartoon*.java

However, I prefer to press <ctrl><n> in Intellij IDEA and write any portion of the name (ie: cartoon).

Apparently the folder browser doesn’t perform a deep search of the folder contents in windows 10. You have to go to the Cortana/windows search bar. The folder search bar only checks the indexed files. It showed up in matDef folders when I checked it later. I guess the background process that does the indexing finally got to it.

Another downside to windows 10 home :expressionless:

I guess. I never use the gui to search for files as it’s just so slow when you already know the parent directory.

And anyway, the SDK is better and github is better for searching for stuff than the windows gui, too.

I’ve always just used the windows browser search since windows 7. 7 performed a full deep search for whatever directory you had open. Looks like they did away with that in 10. Seems 10 doesn’t index files as they’re unpacked or moved either. 10 has a back ground process that runs at intervals to check for file changes and update the master index. I’m not sure about 8 or vista as I skipped both those versions. It looks like I need learn more about the SDK functions.

mhh that’s really weird i use this al the time