Where is CompositeMesh?

I read about the CompositeMesh here: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=864.0

but I can't find any reference in the source code (CVS). Was it finally replaced or removed?


It's removed… there's no real replacement at the time, except batches, but these will most likely dissappear as well in 2.0. (because of that bringing back something like compositemesh might not be a bad idea though)

:? oups, but why was it removed?

By the way, I need to construct a "TriMesh" with 4-vertices-defined-faces. Can anyone point me to the right way to do so?

It was removed because it was incompatible with the batch system.

Do you mean quads when you say 4 vertice defined faces? Then check out BatchMesh (or I believe that's what it's called… I made it myself but I'm not sure). There's also a test for it somewhere.

Yes I meant quads and BatchMesh seems to be fine.

However, is there someone working on OBBTree for BatchMesh?

You could use a TriMesh and simply add two triangles for each quad you need.

Yes I was thinking of that solution, is there any problem with that appart memory and maybe cpu "over" consumption?

In some 3D modeling tool, I read that it may be prefarable to have quads than triangles when dealing with "curved" objects.

But I guess two triangles will be fine.

Thanks llama and duenez!

Well actually QuadMesh is still in jME 2.0 so you should use that.

I used it and I'm very happy with it and the rewriting of Mesh in JME 2.0  :smiley:

By the way, is there a possibility to have mixed meshes?  :?

I repost this whish since I get "weird" rendering when spliting a quad-face into two tri-faces.