Where is "Material-Editor" in Netbeans JMonkey 3.1?

Hi Monkeys,

I could not find JMonkey’s “Material-Editor”.

I hope someone can help.

You first have to create a material file and then you have to right click that file and open it. That’s it!

Not that difficult actually :wink:

It works now. I did the same thing like you mentions earlier, but I got a different result. I am glad it works though.

Thank you so much.

When you create an asset in the asset folder, netbeans also creates a node in the “library” node in the explorer (because the asset folder is in the class path). the problem is that it automatically opens it… and items in the library sub node are opened as text whatever you do…
I’ve been caught by this many many times, and it’s an issue that appeared when we migrated to NB 8. Never been able to fix it.
So be sure you are opening the asset in the top asset folder.

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Thank you.

Yeah someone tried to Track the commit down but it indeed seemed to be related to the NB version. Some Strange Race condition or something.

Good Tip btw, didn’t know that People stumble about that but it allows you to Manually edit the material, so Hey its a Feature :joy:

Hey @nehon, as a workaround you can switch to “Files” instead of “Projects”. This will “solve” the “jumping to the libraries folder”-issue :slight_smile:


Also you can use SS editor to work with materials :slight_smile: