Where is the asset folder if Im scripting in eclipse?


The asset tutorial:


may look nice. But is really of no use at all.

First of, if your not working in jme3 (Which I dont because its way to glitchy, slow and misses important methods that I need)

then you have no idea where to place you’r xml models to enable the assetmanager to find them.

Second, it does not explain how to use registerLoader/Locator

So I have no clue how to enable the assetmanager to find my xml files >:(

this is the tutorial for JME3…if you are using JME2, you need to look at JME2 documentation


Im using jme3 actually.

The jme2 I used before, it worked good, but now I’v started to use jme3

The tutorial explains that the classpath is in the assetManager root, so set up your classpath in Eclipse properly or just use jMP.

Addez, before creating more confused threads like these (I dont use jME3/now I use jME3 ??), please be sure you read all material available here and go through the tutorials (not just fly over them). The tutorials state everything that you need if you would have read them from beginning to end you’d have seen that. Also, we really recommend that you use jMP, it will make things much easier for you and save us a lot of time solving problems you create by misconfiguring your IDE (I remember the mess you created when you added jbullet-jme to your jME2 project…).