Where to host a very small highscore server?

what do you think is the best option to host a very small highscore server? At first I thought of simply having files in a dropbox or something like that and adding new highscores to the text files via the client. However, the problem is obviously that the client could manipulate these files and for example delete all saved highscores.
So which vServer or cloud services can you recommed that run Java and let me create local files / use a database?
I’m not sure, but buying a vServer and having a database and so on seems to be a bit of an overkill for such a simple task.
Or should I just host the server on my raspberry pi or is the risk of attackers that then are able to reach into my home network too big?

As you can see I am kinda lost in the world of online hosting :slight_smile: Well, I hope you can help me. Where do you usually host your small servers for any applications?


If you feel comfortable managing a linux server I can recommend digital ocean. I had my server with them for a while (although not currently since I have no need). Prices are reasonable and the service was good.

I would just go to 000webhost and create a basic PHP based web service if you don’t want to pay for anything they let you upload your own scripts and give you free MySql database.


Scaleway.com: France based provider (part of Online.net) as far as i remember i’ve never had a problem with them. For 3€/month you can buy a quad core arm server with 2 gb ram, more than enough for your purpose.

For free php+mysql hosting i suggest Altervista.org but be aware that they have strong limitations in bandwidth and sql queries/hour.

Scaleway seem pretty cool but for some reason they don’t accept new clients o_o’’

Alright thanks for all of the responses! Creating a php web service seems like a good thing to do as there are numerous free hosters and I would not have to worry about managing an own server.

Another service I found is OpenShift from RedHat which is a PaaS provider that also offers a free plan. Does anyone of you have experiences with it? It looks interesting as, once again, you don’t have to manage your own servers but on the other hand you can use Java or Golang (i don’t particularly like php :slight_smile: ).

Probably it’s related to this https://blog.scaleway.com/2015/11/03/scaleway-is-growing-too-fast-out-of-stock/, you can ask an invite here: https://www.scaleway.com/invite/

They’re great for being free, but in my experience they have 50% downtime. Usually when I’d need it the most.

So I decided to use OpenShift. It took a while to set everything up but I now have a webserver running and erverything works fine. What’s really great is that I just have to commit my files via git and the server gets automatically updated. For a small server like mine I think the free plan is enough, too.

I just remembered a while back I used bz.nf there not bad and there databases are up more often than 000webhost. As far as good, good for being free, hosting that is all I have… :chimpanzee_winktongue: