Which formats are spported, mp3 preferable?

Hi monkeys :slight_smile:

I'am dveloping a motocross game (3d) for my student projekt (germany). The next step will be SOUND. And I dont't know much of the jME sound system. I have a few general questions therefore:

  1. How to play simple background musik of rock for my dirty game?
  2. Which formats are supported (mp3, wav, ogg,…) regard license problems with mp3 decoding…?
  3. which format is preferable?
  4. is 3d audio available, is that recommended ?
  5. how to do complicated stuff like motorsound for the bike depending on speed or physical forces?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks, I like jME so much :wink:

hey mathias,

i would suggest to take a look at the TestAudio package.

  1. There is the possibility to play backgroundmusik. Which kind of music you choose is your decision. (Rock is of course a good one^^)
  2. wav and ogg are definately supported.
  3. -
  4. 3D Sound is available in jme as well. Classes therefore are SFXTracker, AudioTrack (-> TestAudio)
  5. there were some discussions about here in the forum. An approach was to vary the pitch…

    Greetz from Germany


furthermore, the dopplereffect helps for realistic sound of moving objects.

If disk space is a problem then use .ogg, else i would suggest .wav. .mp3 is not possible as far as i know and i wouldnt use it because playing .mp3 files is performance lossy whereas .wav files dont cost you much performance.

have fun