Which gui to choose

Hi everyone,

I’ve only started using jme a few days ago so i’m still a noobie. I’m supposed to

develope a mind maps application in 3d for a project at the university. I started using java3d

but soon realised that i couldnt have menus on the canvas. So i searched around and found out

about jme. My problem now is that i’m not sure which gui ‘engine’ to choose. I need the general framework

of swing, the toolbar so that the user will be able to open a saved map or start a new one, stuff like that but

i also need the user to be able to interact directly with the canvas, especially the right-click menu when clicking

on a ‘node’ of the mind map. I read about nifty gui but i’m not sure if it covers my needs.

All opinions are appreciated…

Well bifty won’t be enough for your purposes,

2 options

Either try the half finished Swing jme3 bridge I wrote, however that one is really a performance killer

Or use Jme as a canvas element (there is one example in the tests package)

What you need is some kind of JMP adapted to your purpose. @Equilibrium, is doing something similar. He used the netbeans platform to develop a an Editor with a 3D view based on JME3. Maybe he can give you some hints.

Look at this topic


Hello aquarius,

yes indeed, I am developing a scientific editor on top of Netbeans using JME3. The implementation of JME3 is straight forward and works very well. I use Netbeans platform as a platform core development. You can download the Netbeans IDE and use it’s build in platform. This means following. You download the complete Netbeans bundel. You can use Netbeans as Java Programming IDE. Within the bundle, you can create modules which can be put into a suite. You can afterwards bundle and distribute your suite. Netbeans does everything for you. It is the best software I have found. I would die without it. JME is the best 3D engine. So if you want to program 3D applications in Java, forget everythin else. Take Netbeans and JME3 (if you want to develop in Java). However, there is also another platform available, it is called Eclipse. There is a “war” :slight_smile: between Netbeans and Eclipse programers going on. Everyone thinks that his IDE is the best (I am Netbeans fan).

Always keep in mind that programming modules on top of Netbeans needs a lot of knowledge. So it is no “one day trial solution”. It is hard work. But believe me, if you know how to use it, there is nothing else that is better.

The implementation of JME3 in netbeans modules also works but is hard work too.

Try it and tell me.



Thank you guys for all the information and advice. I prefer netbeans too. I tried using eclipse before but didnt like it. I’ve only written simple programs though and have never tried to create modules and make my own suite. I found some tutorials on the netbeans webpage so i’ll start from there.

I’ll let you know how it goes!