Who cares for this error?

Just updated the jMonkeyPlatform

Trying to convert a *.blend I get (noch immer!) this error:

Trying to save asset that has not been loaded before or does not support saving!

Could not locate saved file.

I dont know whats wrong there, sounds like you dont have write access to that disk somehow? How exactly do you try to convert the model? You cannot just convert it when its in some folder, it has to be in a project assets folder or you have to import it to a project to convert it. Can you see/convert any kind of model whatsoever or does the SceneViewer not even start properly?

No the SceneViewer shows the Mokey, and looking at an existing from Blender created *.j3o is shown in the viewer.

The *.blend is in an assets/model directory …from a project

I am running Vista, logged in NOT as administrator, but the project is living in a for me read and writable directory tree c:]UsersPeterjMonkeyProjects…

In earlier version there was NO problem do a right click and conversion …

(How to go back?)

By the way, one has forgotton, that a compressed does not start with ‘Blender’ please let it be added !!!

Because the .blend files are compressed a factor of 10 smaller!

EDIT: Version of just now: Same error ;-(