Why are there .svn files in the zip download?


I'm working with the static jME2_0_1-StableDistribution zip file download. When I wanted to put my newly packaged app under version control, I kept getting the craziest svn error messages.

I noticed in the lib directory, there are names and paths that are not mine in the .svn/entries. (christoph and blaine and joshua and so.) I assume the .svn's came with the download, I hadn't looked at the hidden dot files before copying the directories into my directory…  ://

It took me a while to track them all down before I could do my svn add/commit. Can we remove these .svn's, do they have a purpose in the zip distro at all?

oops, we only took them out of Stable and not StableDistribution… will fix that today!


:smiley: Thanks!